Apepts Welfare Association Is Founded On The Revelation Of The 3rd (Third Day) Restoration. Its Main Objective Is To Restore, Equip And Establish God’s People Through Social Welfare And Development Programs And Trainings To Enhance Quality Productivity And Operations For The Benefit Of All.


1)Weekly meeting- Every Tuesday (N.E.C).
2)Monthly meetings- Every 2nd Tue. (members).
3)Quarterly meetings- After every 3 months - leaders, committee and trainings.
4)Annual General Meeting (Welfare Assembly and AGM)- All members and or Delegates.
5)Special General meeting (On NOTICE).

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Years Of Operation
About Us

Apepts Welfare Association (Kenya)

It is the desire of APEPTS Welfare Association to promote the idea of welfare networking that can lead to making African countries embrace and realize formation of Welfare states. East African community is not an exceptional since it is the launch pad for the making of the Welfare States in the continent.

Addressing Unemployment. Public pensions and social insurance. Bottom-Up Approach


Apepts Welfare Association Team
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APEPTS believes that leadership is developed and not discovered. Through welfare linkage leadership is developed from grassroots through to the National level.

A cell leader leads twelve (12) members while a unit leader leads twelve (12) cell leaders Branch coordinates co-ordinates twelve (12) unit leaders, while an Area leader manages twelve (12) Branch coordinators.

Regional leaders together with Area committee manages twelve (12) Area leaders while national Executive committee together with National facilitator manages the affairs of the Welfare at National level.

Any willing member can climb the ladder of leadership (known as C.U.B.A.R) since in APEPTS welfare; there are no lifts to the “Top”, only a stair case to leadership. APEPTS believer in “Race to the bottom (servant leadership) and not “Race to the Top (popularity leadership)


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